Our First Art Show!! – April 23, 2022

John and I are getting ready for our first art show! We were selected as one of the vendors of the WFGA Spring Market at Forest Fest on April 23, 2022 in Wake Forest, NC. I’m a little excited, a little nervous and a lot overwhelmed with all f the prep that it takes to get ready for one of these events. If you so these things, I’m sure it gets easier, right?? RIGHT?? Please tell me it gets easier!

My biggest challenge was figuring out how I wanted to design my outdoor space – a nice 10×10 booth… only to find out about a week before the even that I was actually indoors – now only 8×8. But it’s ok. It’ll be ok. It’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. IT’S OK AND I’LL BE FINE! now breathe, Gayle… breathe.

So, if you live in the Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC area PLEASE stop by our booth this Saturday, April 23rd, at the Renaissance Centre in Wake Forest (Brooks Street) and say hi! We are in booth #3, inside… INSIDE… and we are looking forward to meeting you, and showing off our “unique pieces of art.”

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